Our views of the stunning waters of Magen’s Bay are truly exceptional. Magen’s Bay is a treasured Virgin Island nature preserve and, as such, has no hotels nearby and very limited residential development on its shores, particularly its western shore. Magen’s Bay Beach is a magnificent natural landmark that stretches for over a mile along the south end of the bay, renown for its white sand and turquoise waters. Behind the beach stands a tropical  forest, which gradually rises up a mountain, filled with lush vegetation and fascinating wildlife. This beach was recognized as one of the top ten beaches in the entire world  by National Geographic. The beach is meticulously maintained by the Magen’s Bay Authority and offers watersport rentals, food and drink cabanas, picnic shelters, and a spectacular nature trail that extends from the beach area to the mountaintop.  An abundant variety of exotic tropical flora and fauna imported from around the world thrives there, and is identified with signage.

The Edge of Paradise sits on the west side of the bay. Our villa  is the most proximate residence to Magen’s Bay Beach on the western shore, just a short kayak paddle away (approximately half a mile, as can be seen via the zoomable satellite map of the property located on the map/contact page). Yet, because a dense tropical forest and a rugged rocky shoreline span between our villa and that beach, we are exquisitely secluded. This is just one reason why we believe our location is ideal. In addition, we appreciate that the waters of the bay are calmer and more protected than any others on the Island. This tends to make the water clearer and safer for swimming and snorkeling, especially important when kids are involved. Thirdly, we cherish the beautiful coral reef that thrives along the western side of the bay. This reef is quite isolated and not readily accessible to beach tourists, and so it remains pristine. No other reef exists in the bay; the rest of the bay is predominantly sandy. It is quite uncommon to have a secluded spot where adults and kids can wade out into an ocean that has a colorful and fascinating reef right there to explore, in clear Caribbean waters that deepen very gradually .

Immediately to the north of the villa, and on the property belonging to the villa, is another beach. Unlike the white sands of Magen’s Bay Beach, this beach is pebbly yet beautiful in its own way. It is exquisitely private and affords an easy access point for kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, snorkeling or swimming. It is also sometimes used for small romantic campfires at night. Due to the presence of the reef, the marine ecosystem there is abundantly thriving, both under the water and above it. Pelicans will dive in and bring up proof of the abundant fish there, or you can snorkel and see for yourself!




All three stories of the villa have roofed decks that look out right over the sparkling waters of Magen’s Bay, where this long coral reef extends to within a few feet of the shore. As alluded to previously, the reef is undisturbed and is abounding with colorful sea life. Minutes can turn into hours when observing the pelicans. Majestic sea creatures like turtles and eagle rays are sometimes seen from the villa, over and within the reef. Even dolphin and whale sightings have been reported in the bay, beyond the reef.

Spectacular as the wildlife views can be, many families have found the most important view afforded from our villa is that of their children safely enjoying the ocean. Indeed, a number of moms have commented that, while they loved many things about the villa, their favorite feature was the ability to directly observe their children in the water from the villa’s decks and to see how the water tended to be so much calmer and clearer than elsewhere.




Parrots cackle in the lush tropical foliage overhead, and iguanas move about between the trees and bushes. Besides the three attached porch decks, the villa has beautiful water decks which sit just above the ocean surface, connected via stairs. This provides easy access to the private beach. But perhaps the most alluring spot for taking in the breathtaking views is from the large coral stone deck that spans between the villa and the cottage. The coral stone was chosen because of its beauty and its resistance to heat buildup in the sun. Within this area sits an “infinity” swimming pool which has a specially contoured bench seat that faces the Carribean.  An exquisitely comfortable Caribbean hammock sits above the coral stone next to the pool, providing an ideal spot to lay back in natural beauty.


In summary, the tropical beauty on display at this destination is breathtaking, and the villa was designed to facilitate comfortable appreciation of it. In doing so, a family can thoroughly unwind and share a special time.