1) What is the weather like there?  

It is typically awesome ! St. Thomas has a tropical climate and is generally sunny and warm throughout the year. Temperatures do not fluctuate much. Situated on the waterfront on the north side of the Island, we are almost always blessed with a pleasant and refreshing ocean breeze, often referred to as the “tradewind”. Seasonal average temperatures are the following:

Spring: High 86, Low 71

Summer: High 89, Low 76

Autumn: High 88, Low 76

Winter: High 85, Low 72

2) Do we need passports? 

Even though St. Thomas is a U.S. Territory, passports are strongly recommended even for American citizens, to expedite airport passage. Should you choose to partake in the British Isle excursion we recommend, passports are absolutely required.

3) Is the villa ecofriendly?

Absolutely! We support the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the reef ecosystem. Please do not touch the coral or take any living shellfish or sea fans! In addition, we know that electricity and drinking water are precious commodities on the Island. The villa uses energy efficient appliances, biodegradable soaps, and other green products whenever possible. We have a solar heater on the roof to assist in pool heating. An elaborate system of gutters and downspouts collects rainwater into large cisterns so that it can be filtered and utilized. Lastly, the villa was  designed in a way to have extensive cross-circulation throughout the home, via cooling tradewind breezes coming off the ocean. While air conditioning is certainly available, most guests prefer keeping the windows and screened doors open to enjoy the breezes and save energy.

4) Is it true that power outages occur on the Island?

You should be aware that power outages do occur on St. Thomas and the other Islands, sometimes happening several times a week, for prolonged periods. Our villa is equipped with a powerful  heavy duty generator, located away from the house so as not to be heard, with an automatic changeover switch that takes over after 15 seconds with no power. When you consider renting elsewhere, you must consider this. If your rental property does not have a generator, you risk the possibility of being without  wifi, television, refrigeration, running water and air conditioning for periods of time, and that could be inconvenient.

5) What happens if we encounter a problem with the villa?

Sometimes we hear horror stories about renters at other villas who have their long-awaited vacation ruined by various problems. We are very confident that this will never occur at Edge of Paradise because of two reasons. First, our villa was described by our home inspector as the best built property he has seen on the Island in his six year career here. Second, our property is managed by  the most personable, knowledgeable, and responsive people one could ever hope to meet. They live nearby.

6) Should we rent a vehicle?

Absolutely. Renting a vehicle is almost a must at our villa, and is strongly recommended, since taxis can be unreliable as well as expensive. Our villa is quite secluded and “off the beaten path”. Getting there requires a drive down a  curvy  road with some bumps and some steeper sections. We can recommend Amalie Car Rental,  which is locally known for good service and prices.  We also recommend a vehicle with four-wheel drive and adequate road clearance, because many roads are not as smooth as those to which we are accustomed. As this is a common concern on tertiary roads across the Island, Jeeps and SUVs are the most popular vehicles on St. Thomas, and are the specialty of Amalie Car Rental. Remember to keep left when driving!

7) Is the Island safe?

We definitely believe that it is safe, particularly at our location. While crime can occur anywhere, it is our impression that in St. Thomas it  is infrequent and tends to involve drug dealers, late at night, in the slum area. Our villa is far away from that and is way across the Island in the prestigious Magen’s Bay region. In addition, we have an automated gate that prevents anyone from coming down the driveway. We have never experienced any problem whatsoever, and neither did the previous owners.

8) Are any other options available to make our vacation even more relaxing and unforgettable?

Definitely! We can arrange for an in-home spa day by having a masseus visit you in the villa. Similarly, we can secure the services of a personal chef to make gourmet meals, and a captain to take you on a sightseeing or fishing excursion. We can even combine the two!

9) How can we ask additional questions about the villa or the Island in general?

Contact us.